Poland in the Summer


When planning my arrival in Europe I had to find a country on the boarder of Europe to meet my boyfriend, Tyral. We needed a place that was cheap for me to fly into, and cheap to holiday in as we where spending almost a month here before I jetted off to my new home of Denmark. On the first suggestion of Poland I had little to no knowledge of this country, I didn’t know anyone who had ever visited it as it’s not on the top counties in Europe to visit during the summer. But to the hell with it, lets meet there!

On arrival in my first city of Europe I found myself in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. The capital is old, historic, beautiful and full of culture. We spent a week here in a tiny apartment with the smallest balcony I had ever seen, feeling like I risked my life every time I took a step out on it. We spent the week walking the streets, through Old Town and eating local cuisine, dumplings (be warned vegetarians, as delicious as they are, Polish people don’t do vegetarian all that well and more than one occasion my ‘vegetarian dumplings’ came out to me with bacon on top).

From Warsaw we traveled to a small town known as Lublin (no not Dublin) that was hosting a carnival style festival. We saw tightrope walkers, jugglers and acts all through the small old town, if you’re around during this time of the year I would recommend a visit.

After Lublin we headed to Krakow, where we spent two weeks. Krakow was far more touristy than any of the other towns we visited in Poland, as it’s close to Auschwitz, the largest concentration camp in the World War 2. This was a very confronting and emotional visit here, but defiantly worth the visit. You can read about it and see it in movies but actually visiting a camp like this is something else. I felt sick and angry at the tourists posing for photos, ready with their fake smile for their new profile picture. I felt it was disrespectful to even take photos, especially in the ‘no photo zones’ that many people simply wished to ignore.

We spent a few nights at the ski resort in Zacopane, however being summer there was of course no snow, but left the beautiful scenery free for us to hike. On top of the mountain was still freezing cold, and once we took a quick snap, dried off in the ski lodge, we jumped on the cart to take us back to dry land.

Poland is defiantly under rated. If you are heading to Europe and want to head somewhere a little out of the way of the normal ‘Europe Trip’ I would defiantly recommend a visit. It’s full of culture and plenty of history. If you are a World War 2 nut it is defiantly  the place for you.


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