Goodbye Copenhagen

I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop over looking Norreport drinking my last over priced chai latte I’ll have in Copenhagen. It’s raining, it’s dark, and people are scooting past on bikes and walking the streets in the icy air. Even the horrible foggy, wet conditions aren’t making it any easier to say goodbye to my home of the last six months. Copenhagen took me in with welcome arms, one big warm hug, and was a shoulder to lean on when times got a little greyer. It’s like my foster home, a family that has taken me in and made me feel like one of its own. Sure, the short 6 hour days and negative weather conditions have been a vast contrast to the sunshine I’m used to back home. Sure, it has challenged my coffee addiction with its overpriced lattes. But its been some of the best six months of my life, cheesy, but the truth.

Tomorrow we head off on a train through Sweden to the capital, Stockholm, where we will stay with a couch surfing host for three nights. Having enjoyed my time in Copenhagen I am keen to experience some more of what Scandinavia has to offer. From here, we plan on getting a boat across to Turku, Finland and then head up North into the Lapland’s and experience some real Finnish winter activities, such as snow shoeing and dog sledding (or me just sitting around playing with the dogs…). After Finland we’ll be heading down to Estonia and head through Eastern Europe, hopefully make it into Belarus, saving days on our visa to re-enter Europe in the summer time and make our way through Western Europe.

Although I’m really sad to be leaving Denmark, I’m so excited for this next adventure. Living, working and studying in another country has been a great experience, but after a while it just turns into daily routine, just on the other side of the world. I’m excited for some adventure, seeing new countries, meeting new people, and some sunshine.


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