Leaving The Nest

Living abroad in a foreign country for only six months you can really develop an attachment to a place you knew little to nothing about. I grew extremely fond of my new home in Denmark, and came to think of it as my new home country.

The first five months was all parities and beer pong, however over Christmas that soon turned to working and studying for my exams. By the time I had worked another Christmas in retail and sat through three exams, I felt like I well and truly lived as a Copenhagener, rather than a tourist. It gets to a point, no matter where you are in the world wether it be your hometown or another country, routine becomes routine. I don’t want to sound like I’m ungrateful or that I didn’t enjoy every second of it, but I was beginning to feel like I was less on a holiday.

By end of January and after five months in Copenhagen, I was itching to start traveling again. Living in Denmark gave me a newfound love for Scandinavia, a place I had hardly heard of prior to moving there. After several days of out staying visits in coffee shops planning our route, we decided to head up to Sweden and through Finland. Although the idea of more freezing temperatures wasn’t all that appealing to the two of us, we both wanted to see the Northern Lights and Tyral hadn’t felt like he had been given the white winter Europe had promised him.

The train through Sweden up to Stockholm was a fun adventure, as it was our first destination and the start to our holiday so our spirits were high. We played cards and watched movies, and had the cabin to ourselves for most of the ride up there. For our two nights in Sweden we stayed with a couch surfing host, a lovely Indian man who took great care of us. This was my first couch surfing experience as a surfer, only hosting a few people in Copenhagen. I was really nervous about the idea of couch surfing, and not that excited for the experience, however after our first stay here, I was warming to the idea more.

And so we were out of Denmark and in another country, ready and excited to get started.


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