What food to bring in your travel bag

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t enjoy cup of soups and two minuet noodles every meal, and like a bit of flavor on your plate, budget traveling can be a bit of a challenge. In your all ready over sized backpack, finding the room for coconut oil and ginger is a struggle. I’ve come up with a few items that I have collected along the way that are light; don’t take up much space and help transform your dishes into something delicious.

Peanut Butter: a must have for any vegan/ vegetarian! I literally eat it on and in everything. Although the jars can be quite bulky, finding a small plastic one isn’t hard. I use it in stir-fries, on toast, on bananas and in porridge just to name a few.

Salt and Pepper: It isn’t always a guarantee that your hostel or AirB&B will have spices let alone salt and pepper, and although you don’t want to carry around a whole pepper shaker, but small sachets are great for on the go cooking. If you are at a cafe or fast food shop, take a sneaky handful for your backpack.

Coffee: if you are a coffee addict like me, it can be an extremely expensive habit to have while traveling; also the quality is never going to be the same as your favorite local barista back home. Instead I carry an old jar (your empty peanut butter jar) filled with ground coffee, and a small one-person coffee plunger. These do take up quite a bit of room, but personally I would rather sacrifice a pair of socks for my morning coffee. Trust me, this will save you lots of money.

Soy Sauce: one of my favorite kitchen essentials. Buy a few veggies and some brown rice and mix through with soy sauce and you have yourself a delicious meal. Just be sure you get a bottle with a screw on lid, you won’t think of soy sauce the same when it’s all through your bag! A helpful tip, if you love sushi, each time you eat out grab a handful of the fun little fish shaped bottles for your up coming trip!

Spices: At any supermarket around the world you can always find spices in the little zip lock bags. They are the perfect travel companions! Just grab a few of your must haves, I always carry them in a large zip lock bag just incase of any blowouts!


Photo credit: tumblr


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