Must have travel items!

I know there are a hundred and one different blog posts out there about what to pack in your backpack, but I still find them really useful. For example I read only too late how a cotton pad would keep my blush from breaking and coating the inside of my make-up bag. I’ll leave out the obvious, headphones, camera and journal, these are just a few items that have saved my butt on more than one occasion.

A COFFEE PLUNGER: also known as a French press, this little bad boy has saved me so much money. I travel with a jar of coffee (see what food to bring in your travel bag) and a one-person coffee plunger. It gives me my morning caffeine hit, and makes a pretty decent black coffee.

A THERMOS: I recently picked one of these up at a camping store and it changed my life! I have a habit of stopping at cafes while out sight seeing. A solution to this, bring coffee with me! I make a cup for my boyfriend and me in the morning and extra to fill my thermos up. When we’re out we often try and find public wifi and sit and drink our coffee, it also saved me while hitch hiking in the snow. If you’re traveling with two people you can get a pop up cup from most camping stores, they’re light and easy to travel with.

A BPA FREE DRINK BOTTLE: one thing I often forget to do while traveling in the winter is to drink water. I get really bad head aches as well if I don’t consume enough of natures liquid, so for Christmas my boyfriend gave me a drink bottle. It’s the perfect size to fit in the side pocket of my backpack, it has a clasp to ensure it doesn’t open and it’s a fantastic bright green.

A PAIR OF EXERCISE TIGHTS: if you’re like to me and love to include exercise into your daily life, or if you’re the type of person who goes on a holiday to get away from exercise, you need a pair of tights. They’re perfect for long bus trips; when it gets cold wear them under jeans, if you go on a hike or just chilling out. They’re the new trackies, only they take up half the room!

A FOLD UP SHOPPING BAG: yes, your trusty purse shopping bag can come with you on your next holiday. You’ll find where ever you are, making shopping trips can be a difficult exercise if you don’t have a shopping bag, and who wants to buy a plastic bag! They fold up small and can fit into your pocket or day bag.

A SEPARATE BAG FOR DIRTY LAUNDRY: no one wants their dirty underwear floating around their bag. I was given one many years ago, but its basically just like a fold up shopping bag, only for clothes. If you can’t find a fold up laundry bag, just get another shopping on, only remember to keep them separate, no one wants them muddled up…

A BATTERY PACK: if your IPhone is as old and ragged as mine, the battery won’t last more than an hour off the charge. I picked up a cheap battery pack in Denmark and it has saved me on numerous occasions. The bigger capacity they have the better, you want one that will last at least four chargers.

A HAIR SCRUNCHIE: an old school 90s must have hair accessory has been my best friend on my travels. It doesn’t leave a kink in your hair like hair ties, it’s nicer on your hair to sleep in and it funks up any outfit.

ZIP LOCK BAGS: they come in handy on so many occasions: busted shampoo, left over food you don’t want to show out, and your spices!

PANTIE LINERS: I was given the tip by a friends mum, if you are traveling for long amounts of time with no prospect of washing your clothes, just use pantie liners so you can re-wear your undies. It’s not the most hygienic, but it’s better than wearing dirty undies!

COCONUT OIL: ah my favorite of travel companion. I use coconut oil for everything, and I mean everything. I had a huge bottle of it in Denmark to large for travel but instead of parting ways I transferred it into an empty moisturising tub. I use it to remove make up, it’s the best eye make up remover you will ever use, as a moisturiser, on the tips of my hair, to whiten my teeth and if the place I’m staying has no oil I use it for cooking. I tell you, the stuff is magic.


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