Two Lost Backpackers On A Ski Resort

After our ordeal of getting to Phya we were pretty happy to be there. The night we arrived our couch surfing host took us to the local bar for a few games of bingo. The bar was exactly what you hoped for in a ski resort, old and wooden and full of ski teachers off the clock. We played a few rounds of bingo, incorporated with a drinking game, and had a few too many beers each.

The next day, we woke and made our way to the ski teachers lodge, where one of our hosts friends  worked and offered to give us a really good deal on hiring some skis. We got three hours rental and a lift pass for 20 euros each, all we had to do was pretend we were in the ski school.

Neither Tyral nor I had skied for ten years, but both of us remembered being pretty good at it. Putting the skis on and looking down the steep slope, both of us questioned our memories. One slight push and down we went, a little wobbly and uncertain at first but by the time we reached the bottom I felt pretty confident.

‘Black slope?’ said Tyral.

Okay, not that confident.

We tried a few intermediate slops until we got the feel again, and before long we blended in with everyone else.

We spent three hours racing down the slopes pretending we were pros, falling over, getting back up and the whole time getting completely covered in snow in our non-water proof gear. By the end of the three hours our legs hurt, we were completely drenched from the snow and freezing cold. But our spirits were high. We stopped off at the local bar for the best hot chocolate either of us had ever had, and a few rounds of cards.

It was easily the best day of our trip so far. When we started our journey I hadn’t couch surfed before and was a bit hesitant on entering a complete strangers home and spending the night with them. So far, I had amazing experiences with it, and being in Phya really cemented it. The following night we went to a shots party, basically a party were we drank a huge amount of the strangest shots I’ve ever tried, and went to see a Finnish band, The Stockers, play at the hotel. If it wasn’t for couch surfing we would never have come to the resort, and never met any of the people who helped us with the ski renting and invited us to the party. I have completely opened up to the world of couch surfing and it’s made our trip what it is.


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  1. Suvi says:

    Wow sounds like you had a great time at Pyhä! Glad to hear.


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