The Days I Hate Traveling

How to fight those traveling blues.

Some days I just want to pack up, say goodbye to everything, book a ticket… and go home. The constant moving around, my heavy backpack and the freezing cold weather was all of a sudden too much for me.

By this point it was March, and I had officially survived a whole European Winter, just. The constant sub-minus temperatures every day had seemed to seep into my skin and freeze even my bones enough that a hot shower still wouldn’t warm me up. The snow that was so new and exciting at first soon became a pain and I got sick of trudging through the brown slush every single day. We had just spent the last four days sitting in police offices, threatened to be deported out of the country and hours of waiting around. This part of traveling is always left out of the highlight reel.

The grey over cast skies in competition with the grey buildings and dirt roads weren’t helping with the feeling of oppression Belarus was giving me. To be fair, we had entered the country in possibly the worst month. Everything was dead after a coating of snow and the ground was still sludgy from left over snow.

My back was hurting from lugging around all the extra winter clothes I hadn’t accounted for and my clothes needed a wash. Truly, some days traveling isn’t anything like I expect it to be when I’m sitting in class, head in arms and daydreaming out the window of white sandy beaches. It was this point of my trip when I was really craving some sunshine, some sandy European beaches and a cocktail. Three long days I dragged my feet around Minsk, even without my backpack it felt like I was carrying around its weight heavy on my shoulders. Why was I feeling like this while on a holiday? What was wrong with me? Should I be going home? This was the first point of my whole seven months away that I had actually felt the slightest desire to go home. It didn’t help that I had the beginnings of a cold, but mixed with the stress of registering in Belarus was overpowering my love for travel.

Tyral was a big support during this time, he held my hand and sat with my while I ate my comforting berry pie and complained about how shit I felt. It was a while until I was completely over my travel blues; I needed some extra sleep and a break from couch surfing with some me time before I finally felt better.

My old advice for anyone who feels down while traveling is to know it doesn’t mean you have to go home. Realise its just a build up of a number of things, for me I get down when I don’t have enough sleep and don’t exercise so I try and make time for these things. I love meeting new people and couch surfing, but some times I really need a break away from the constant politeness to have some time for myself.


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  1. snowtoseas says:

    Really well-written post! Hope things are better now. I just stumbled upon your blog and have really enjoyed reading your posts.

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    1. Oh thankyou! Things are so much better haha 🙂 thanks for the feedback!

      Liked by 1 person

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