THAT time of travel 

🚫 WARNING: periods will be discussed. You’ve been warned boys. 

Traveling and being a girl can be a bit of a mess, period. Dealing with that time of the month back home, in the comfort of your own bed and tub of ice cream can be hard enough, but on the road with limited supply of panties and no Ben and Jerry’s, gives period pains a whole new meaning. 

Through my six months backpacking adventure I’ve had to come up with cleaver sneaky ways to get around some sticky situations. My poor boyfriend has learnt far more about periods and my monthly cycle than he ever wanted to know. 

I’ve learnt through practice, pain and embarrassment, some tips that have helped me through this difficult time of travel. 

1. Pack a separate fold up laundry bag for your dirty clothes. For the unfortunate mishaps, it’s important to have a bag to hide the evidence. 

2. Hide tampons through out your travel and day bag. In your wallet, day bad, all secret pockets of your travel bag you can find, so on any occasion you can have them at the ready without having to go digging. 

3. Carry a roll of garbage bags. When you couch surf a lot and stay with men, some bachelor pads (the hosts always chosen by Tyral) almost never accommodate for particular ladies needs in the bathroom. And don’t even get me started on wild camping. Over nights can be a bit of an issue without those helpful fantastic pink bins. Carrying garbage bags is super helpful in these sticky situations, to wrap them up and make the run for the outdoor bin. 

4. Carry panties liners. Those nasty things I swore off in year 7 have saved me on more than one occasion. I don’t need to go into details here, I’m sure you know the use of them, but trust me they are like gold when traveling. 


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  1. HAHA yes this can be so annoying when travelling!! Great tips though, and it does make it easier when you have a partner or friend willing to help you out! 😀


    1. Haha glad you enjoyed ☺️

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