Hot Air Ballooning In Cappadocia

The early morning chill in the air disappeared as we glided into the sky and soared off the face of the cliff. Everything was silent but the occasional roar of flames into the large colourful balloon above us, warm on the back of my neck. Morning was beginning to show as signs of the sun began to peck over the furthest mountain, sending pastel colours through the sky and reflecting off clouds and rock formations below.

Below us, the valley of love dropped off with large unusual shaped boulders pocking out, towering into the colourful sky around us. Up and down the hot air balloon sank and rose, the basket narrowly missing the tops of trees and sides of mountain ledges close enough to touch.

We had only been in Cappadocia for one night, but the amazing landscape mixed with a sky of colourful spotted balloons was already one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever witnessed. Around us, a hundred other balloons bopped around the sky, elegantly soaring high into the early morning sky and reflecting the morning sun in an incredible display of beauty.

We weaved our way around the jutting sand dunes and strange waved mountainsides, through trees and then high above it all. Looking down far below at a breathtaking landscape of bright earth colours and houses carved from ancient caves.

Cappadocia has become the number one destination in the world for hot air ballooning, and although an over run of happy snapping tourists can take the beauty away from moments, this is one that actually enhances it. Usually you hope to be alone at a tourist destination, but floating in a hot air balloon, you encourage a couple hundred other people with selfie sticks in balloons sailing past. Not only is the epic natural beauty breath taking, but the studded sky full of balloons makes it something else entirely.

It isn’t cheap for this incredible experience, but oh is it worth it. The feeling of sailing through this strange and historic land on a hot air balloon is something indescribable. If you can manage to score yourself a corner of a basket, you will be able to experience the best seats for taking in the view and talking photos.

If the money puts you off, you can still enjoy this beautiful display on land. The following day we decided we would camp in the valley and wake to a morning of a sky above us full of the balloons, and witness it all over again.

The five am rise was worth it as we sat atop of a gigantic mountain and overlooked the valley of roses. Rugged up from the morning chill with heavy eyes, we waited as the sun began to rise over the adjacent mountain. Like clockwork, the balloons began to roar with fire as they erected into the sky and took off for another day’s flight. This sight was almost as cool as the hot air balloon itself, sitting and watching the balloons fly over head, creep down the hill face in front of us, and into the valley below.

Hot air balloons are one of the most peaceful sights, calm and elegant as they soar high into the sky and slowly drop to the hearth. If you visit Turkey, this is something I would highly recommend, definitely one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

movie credit: Lost Aussie


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