The Most Beautiful Place In The World

I stood at the top of the world, overlooking a turquoise ocean stretching far into the horizon. The sun was saying its final goodbye for the day as it slowly began its descent, leaving streaks of smudged earth colours in remembrance. Atop the burnt orange sand dune the sky erupted all around, a fiery sky overtook everything surrounding me.

On a remote beach in Western Australia we had stumbled across this hidden oasis. Rolling sand dunes full of wrinkled sand, with large grains tumbling down as my feet sank deep with each step. A roaring ocean spread in front of me, loud and angry yet comforting and peaceful.

As I walked across the hot sand warmed from the day’s sun, the cool breeze in the twilight caught my silk scarf and it danced elegantly in my wake. I walked slowly towards the mesmerising ocean, the cooling air soothing on my blistering back, burnt and tanned from its constant exposure to the harsh Australian sun and days spent only in swimmers. My lips were dry and cracked, with the taste of salt lingering from the endless bathing in the ocean.

At the base of the dune I find my boyfriend, wading out waist deep lost in thought, fishing rod in hand. I sit down on the white sand and watch large crabs scurry around, eying me suspiciously as they scuttle past.

The waves were beginning to creep up to me; slowly licking the sand away, eventually tickling my pindan stained toes as I curled them and dug them into the water.

We had spent days, (or was it weeks?), traveling in our old yellow van before stumbling upon our hidden refuge. It felt good to be able to unpack our van and relax alone like the last two people on earth. Hidden away from anyone, we felt secluded from the world, lost and hidden in a pocket of paradise nestled between the towering red sand dunes and the stretch of white sand snaking along the coastline. Large ancient rocks formed rock pools to explore, and the Ningaloo reef led us to encounters of colourful strange fish and large slow moving turtles floating in the currents.

The fairy floss sky above me was fading away and being absorbed by dark shades of purples as the last traces of the sun quickly disappeared into the horizon. Tiny specs of stars begun to appear in its place, bright and vibrant like cats eyes in the night.

At dusk we ate fresh fish, while my boyfriend strung cords on his guitar. The breeze, soft and soothing, mixed the tunes with the random crashes of waves in the distance and the soft hum of wildlife all around.

Our time spent on this beautiful oasis was over too soon, we packed up our campsite, silently savouring our last moments in paradise. Our old van rattled its way along the dirt road, staring back in the review mirrors as the ocean, our paradise, slowly disappeared from our sight.









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