Visiting The Cotton Castles of Pamukkale

The white, unusual shaped stones covering the surface of Pamukkale are one of the most bazar but beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I stood at the top, looking down the layers of bright turquoise pools like layers of frosty cake, the hot sun beating down on my face and the warm water flowing over my toes.

The bubbly, cauliflower looking rocks that makes up this spectacular sight, soft looking but hard to touch are one of the most peculiar things I have ever seen. With its shining surface sparkling in the sun, and the glistening form the pools reflections, you can understand how they get the name The Cotton Castles.

I had wanted to visit the beautiful natural sight of Pamukkale since hearing about them several years ago, so was really excited to arrive on a beautifully hot day after a couple of days of downfall, allowing the pools to be filled with clear, bright blue water. And I wasn’t disappointed. They are even more breath taking in real life than any photo I have seen, the white and blue contrast of the water and rock is an incredible of display of mother nature at her finest.

What the cleverly, stragicially taken photos on Instagram and travel blogs (guilty!) don’t show, is the mass swarms of hundreds of other tourists tramping around and bathing in the over crowded pools. Even our early start into the national park didn’t keep us from the snapping cameras of the international tourists. However, if you spend enough time there you can find yourself alone in one of the warm pools.

Turkey is such a diverse country with such interesting and breathtaking scenery. Having come from Cappadocia, been through Istanbul and eventually making it to the south cost, we saw some exceptionally beautiful landscape. The Cotton Castles was one of the most beautiful parts of the world I have ever seen, the while fluffy looking stones is strange but incredibly beautiful.

The extrance fee of 30TL enables you to spend all day wondering the pools, swimming in the warm bright blue waters, and also exploring the ancient city of Hierapolis. For a swim in the ancient pools, it’s an extra 35TL, but a walk through is free.


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