The Coast of Montenegro, The Most Beautiful Place in Europe

I swear every country I visit I say it’s my favourite or most beautiful, but I think I finally found a winner. Montenegro took my breath away every time we turned one of it’s crazy windy roads. The mountain ranges are so lushes and vibrant making it the perfect spot for camping and keen hikers, the cliff faces and photogenic coast line is some serious rivalries for the popular tourist coasts like Croatia and the Amalfi coast, only there are hardly any tourists about.

I instantly fell in love with Montenegro, spending our first night camping just out of the small town of Bar in a small forest overlooking an incredible bright blue ocean. Turns out we were camping on a nudist gay beach, which explained all the naked men wandering around. In plane view, no one cared of our camp sight complete with a small fire. Possibly the best camp sight we have made, overlooking one of the best views we were disappointed we couldn’t set up for a week there.

From here we hitch hiked our way along the coast, even getting picked up by a Priest who took us on a ‘church crawl’ doing some church errands. When we eventually made it to Kotor I was completely taken back by the beauty of this town. This small coast side town was one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. The old town which was built back in the Venetian period, and the labyrinth of small streets winds you through its historical centre that gives the old town of Dubrovnik a run for its money.

The main attraction is the hike to the top of the hill through to the old castle overlooking the town. We were told of a free path that takes you through the back to avoid the fee of 5euro. Having the path to ourselves instead of a hundred other people was defiantly a better experience, and when we finally made it to the top we were met with a breathtaking view over the habor and surrounding mountain range. Defiantly worth the hike up.
Tyrals eyes lit up as he spotted an old abandoned hotel on the waterfront. I begrudgingly agreed, and we climbed our way through the old Hotel Fjord. It was actually a really beautiful abandoned building, nature has slowly started to reclaim it and sections are covered in green vines. The views from the old hotel rooms are amazing, as we sat and drank a beer and watched the sunset over the city.

We weren’t meant to be staying here but decided it was too beautiful a city to just pass through. Quite possibly my favorite town I’ve been in, I would defiantly recommend it to anyone keen to visit amazing coast lines but away from the annoyance of tourists.
Montenegro would have to be my favorite county for its incredible nature and natural beauty, we didn’t venture off the coast but were told of amazing mountain ranges for hikers. Next time I’m back in Europe I think it will be the first place I return back to.


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  1. Love this!
    I actually felt sorry cause I haven’t hanged out with you 😀


    1. Thanks! Aw that’s so nice! Next time 🙂

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