The Best Way To Visit The Colosseum

A tip to beating the hours of waiting for the Colosseum, and it doesn’t include listening to the annoying sales people out the front.

A trip to Rome is never complete without a visit to the famous Colosseum. Even with the mass number of tourists and long lines, it is something everyone must do when visiting this incredible city. We have been traveling in the off months in Europe, and haven’t been to any hot tourist spots until now, so the long line of bored-looking tourists was a daunting sight for the two of us.

If you’re planning on visiting the Colosseum, don’t panic, you don’t need to spend hours lining up in the hot sun surrounded by hundreds of other bored tourist. When arriving at the Colosseum via metro, you have a few options. When you arrive at the metro stop Colosseo, cross the road towards the Colosseum. Don’t panic when you spot the hundred meter line oozing out and snaking around the corner, you aren’t getting in that line. Instead, keep walking straight, straight past all the annoying sales people with their stupid statements of ‘do you know THAT’S the line!’ because yes, you do know that’s the line, you did your research so smile, say thank you, and keep walking your smug ass past them. They will try and sell you tours, tell you they can get you past the line, packages that take you places no one else can go, they will probably follow you, walk with you, and try their hardest to convince you. Simply tell them you already have your ticket but thank you for their time, and they will move on to annoy the next naïve tourist who wasn’t smart like you and did no homework.

On you walk, past the box office with a shorter line but still too long for you, keep walking for another hundred meters. Past the red tour buses parked, along with the road Via di San Gregorio until you find the entrance to Palatine Hill. Here, you should find no lines, or a few people standing in the queue, and you can purchase the same ticket, for the same price, for the same two places, but with no waiting time. With this ticket, you can continue through the gates into the Palatine or simply turn around and walk back to the Colosseum. Once back at the Colosseum, walk straight past the long line that’s probably doubled in size since you last saw it, to the line for ticket holders. This amazing little line skips you right to the very front, past angry confused unorganized tourist who has been waiting for hours just to buy a ticket, and straight into the Colosseum. We managed to arrive, buy our tickets and get inside within half an hour in the middle of the day. You’re welcome.



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